A life en aventure

To live truly is to truly live. Une vie en rose sans de regret et plain d’amour et d’aventure. I have always felt like I was looking for the meaning of my life until I discover what makes me the happiest, which is traveling. There is something about the planning of a trip that gets me so excited and happy. All the prep works and the anticipation is so special to me. Don’t get me started on the airport. I love that place, just to people watch is already so fulfilling. Traveling gives my the most meaning, it shows me a part of myself that I never knew. I feel free to explore, free to communicate and emerge in cultures that once were all unknown to me.

Walking up in a new country learning the basic local language so I can greet the locals, eating with them, laughing and walking their streets makes me feel like the giant person. Stopping in every corner inhaling the aroma of their foods, plants and flowers. Back in 2007 I went to Brazil and Argentina you can say that was the days before social Media. I barely took any photos from that trip I have so many great memories with some people that I didn’t even know who now are lifetime friends. We dances, learned, cried, and celebrated our birthdays together. Now when I travel I have to try to take the best photos and also to make time to just explore and put my phone/camera away. It’s a struggle though (haha).

P.S: I am very happy to start writing on this blog. I have been trying this start this for the past 2 years, but never took any action. I would like to thank all of you in advance for your support. I promise my writing will get much better and you will enjoy my contents from now on.

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